Something Is Wrong With Me, But I Don’t Know What

No matter what the problem, you have to start somewhere. So let’s keep it simple:

Something is wrong with you and you don’t know what. 

Sounds ominous. Owning that statement may cause you to feel apprehensive, scared, confused, or ambivalent. But own it you must. If it reflects the truth of where you are, you can’t keep floating around in a sea of nothingness. You need to drive a stake in the ground and create a fixed point. Fixed points are crucial because they give you a starting point, and they provide a distance to measure from as you press forward.

As we begin, promise yourself one thing. It’s unconditional. Do not allow yourself room to flip flop. Ready?

Don’t listen to any person who shames you for being self-aware.

If you know someone who seriously or jokingly criticizes your self-awareness, you will need to keep yourself emotionally distant enough so that their words, facial expressions, and gestures don’t derail you from your pursuit.

Parent, sibling, spouse, BFF, boss, or child… it doesn’t matter. We treat others with kindness but we set boundaries that we do not allow to be violated. If someone thinks you’re too emotional or weak, you don’t need to invite them into your journey. Kindness toward others is always essential, but it’s recommended to maintain external relationships that focus on non-emotional issues so that insensitive people are not empowered or authorized to speak shame into your situation. You’ve got enough to deal with.